6.-9./14.9 2018:

Ghost Camp 2
Ghost Camps are communal camping moments where participants are invited to re-imagine the traditional mythologies around the left through workshops, readings and screenings. How are ideas of communities, ecology and agency mutating through the prism of digital culture and silicon valley business models. What are the pitfalls of those mythologies and how to overcome them.

With the revival of right-wing and fascist ideologies Ghost Camp finds ways of discussing these mechanisms and find alternative counter strategies and practical ways of defense. Noticing their use of survival camps to enhance communal bonds Ghost Camp uses that same strategy as a counter tactic. Where those camps usually result in an even further exclusive and disconnected community the aim is to provide something starting communal that can, in turn, become inclusive and outwards looking.

For this edition the focus has been on bio-hacking or reclaiming the freedom to heal your body outside of a state / company structure. Larping and larping rules as potential for negotiating exchange in a post #metoo era. Capture the alt-right flag and how to build your survival kit. In general and as an overall umbrella theme, we are looking at edging and separation as violence against ecosystems of persons (in the broad sense, plants, humans, animals, AI etc…)

This project was organized under the umbrella of the Mycological Twist in collaboration with Leslie Kulesh. It concluded with a public display of the remnants of the workshops via an informal walk through the different notions explored during those 3 days.

Ghost Camp 2 featured contributions by YGRG, Holly White, OMSK Social Club, Joey Holder, Huw Lemmey, Leslie Kulesh, Raffael Dörig and Jean-Francois Henry.
Participants: Dane Sutherland, Holly White, Jan M. Kunkel, Jan van Oordt, Joey Holder, Juliette Desorgues, Lea Collet, Marios Stamatis, Nilz Källgren, Penny Rafferty, Rosanna Puyol, Samuel Capps, Thomas Sidali.


Morningreading; Les Guérillères, by Monique Wittig from page 85 in the book until page 97, contributed by YGRG



Contribution by Lesley Kulesh

Mycological Twist ; Dungeon and Dragon

Eloise; dyeing fabric with mushrooms

Edible wildplants workshop with Jean Francois Henry

Screening of Adcredo; contributed by Joey Holder


Capture the flag at Mt Croisin

Details of the display for the public presentation



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