La Dépendance: territory, surroundings, construction site
The ground beneath our feet: tunnels, Hades, Unkraut 
a conference about land and soil with artists, gardeners, architects and historians, which aims to look at the mobile ground beneath our feet, to interrogate the soil as both material and narrative in our interconnected territories and to reflect on the poet’s role in the definition of our contemporary imaginaries.
Zhdk Zurich University of the Arts
Under the Umbrella of www.tetigroup.org
By TETI’s research project Baustelle und Botanik at School of Commons https://schoolofcommons.org/


From L to S
Mia Sanchez (Reading)
Axelle Stiefel Codex Operator(Audiolingual Performance)
Dominic Michel (Noise)

Mia Sanchez on Edgar Allan Poe and the genesis of detective stories
Codex Operator; Audiolingual Performance by Axelle Stiefel
Reflux; Live Set by Dominic Michel
Food and beverages at the creek



Artist Talk by Raphael Linsi

Raphael Linsi on his fascination for the heartshape, old polaroids, post it notes,
and the encounter with two horses

12–15 6

Drawings for La Dépendance

I Never Read Art Book Fair; Bookeditions at Kaserne Basel


Season Opening

Bookpresentation; Nienke Terpsma & Rob Hamelijck ;
FGA#38 What life could be/ the ambivalence of success

Soup & Spell
(Inauguration of the beginning* library in cooperation with Lisa Lee Benjamin)

*all residents get to choose four books and one LP after their stay wich are afterwards acquired for the library

Live Set; Christian Müller Solo; Clarinet & Electronics; Dark Noise-Abstract-Ambient
Live Set; Manuel Schneider; Ambient