Drawings for la Dépendance

Drawings for la Dépendance

Drawings for la Dépendance is an analog crowdfunding project created to finance the purchase of the house. The goal is to collect 35 000 works on paper, which is the price of the house. All works are produced in postcard format (A6). Afterwards they are displayed in a series of exhibitions and bound into book editions. Each work is sold for 1.- CHF.

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See past exhibitions:

#9: 27.11- 30.11 Studio Fotonico, Milano (see more)
#8: 24.11. Adriano Community Days, Milano (see more)
#7: 19-22.9 2019: Offspace Sonnenstube, Lugano (see more)
#6: 23.-25.11 2018: Volumes , Artbookfair, Kunsthalle Zürich( see more)
#5: 3.11.-25 .11. 2018: I am not your Guru, Arnhem, Netherlands(see more)
#4: 13.-16.6 2018: I Never Read, Artbookfair, Basel (see more)
#3: 1.6.2018 :  La Voirie / Le Joli Mois de Mai / Biel (see more)
#2: 21.12.2017 :Lokal-Int / Biel (see more)
#1: 1-3.12.2017 :Kaskadenkondensator/ Basel (see more)

Part of the  exhibitions at Kaskadenkondensator and Lokal-Int was  a soundtrack by Themepark, consisting of  remixed recordings from Mittwochsbar at  Bikini Space 2017 (Papiro/Markus/Jan)
Original length: 438min