Mathis Pfäffli Only Openings and Ways Through (2020)

Mathis Pfaeffli
Only Openings And Ways Through

03.10 – 10.10


Exhibition Map (2020); pencil drawing



Thougths on Symmetry (2020); glas, neon tube, wire rope


Playground (2020); aluminium, glas, findlings



Dependence (2020); pencil drawing


Stones (2020); stone carving
Switchboard (2020); wood, concrete, glas, acrylic paint


Detail; Switchboard


Iris (2020); glas engraving

Pupil (2020) video, screen, archive of la dépendance


Switchboard (2020); aluminium, rubberband, paintedwood






Horizon and Timelines (2020); pencil drawing