3 March 2018


6.-9.9 2018:

Ghost Camp # 2: Workshop initiated by The Mycological Twist (Anne de Boer and Eloise Bonneviot) and Leslie Kulesh,
at La Dépendance 2610 St Imier


14.9. 2018

Ghost Camp Remnants

Traces of the Workshops / Soup / Presentation

The Mycological Twist in cooperation with Leslie Kulesh
with contributions by YGRG, Holly White, OMSK Social Club, Joey Holder,Raffael Dörig, Jean-Francois Henry and Huw Lemmey.

16.00 Start
18.00 Presentation by the Mycological Twist
19.00 Soup

La Dépendance & the Mycological Twist invites you for a dinner presentation on their 3 days Ghost Camp workshop.
Ghost Camps are communal camping moments where participants are invited to re-imagine the traditional mythologies around the left through workshops, readings and screenings. How are ideas of communities, ecology and agency mutating through the prism of digital culture and silicon valley business models.
What are the pitfalls of those mythologies and how to overcome them.

The presentation will consist of a display of the remains of the different workshops and their documentation as well as an informal walk through the different notions explored during those 3 days.


La Dépendance
Sur le Pont 31
2610 St.Imier



23.-25.11 2018:
Volumes , Artbookfair, Kunsthalle Zürich