19 February 2018


La Dépendance hosts a seasonal residency program for invited artists with variable durations running usually from may until october. Coexistence, storytelling and active withdrawal, as well as margins, offstream or interdependence and relationships to “nature” constitute the working terminology in the orbit of the house.
La Dépendance Residency is meant to facilitate informal gatherings and conversations, by operating within the treshold between private and public space, and seeks to be a space of experimental noticing rather than production. An infectious compost.

Please note: So far the residency takes place on invitation. An application process is currently subject to debate.

Residency Program 2021

10.5 – 13.6.  Holly White; Glasgow canceled due to traveling restrictions
8.5 – 15.5.  Raphael Loosli
16.5 -30.5.  Daniela Brugger
1.6 – 7.6.  Martina Henzi
21.6 – 29.6.  Reto Pulfer; Uckermark
01.7 – 17.7.  Riverside; Mia Sanchez, Dominic Michel, Andreas Kalbermatter Basel /Zürich (Guest Curation)
19.7 – 25.7   Climbing Camp; Fabrice Schneider Bruxelles/La Chaux de Fonds (Guest Curation)
26.7 – 05.9   Anna Bak; Copenhagen
06.9 – 03.10 Mathis Pfäffli; Luzern (Guest Curation)
04.10 – 31.1o Garrett Nelson

Past Participants

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View from La Dépendance on the cooperative du Pont and the village St.Imier.