19 February 2018

The residency programm of la Dépendance

Echo Residency  July – October 2018
In  summer 2018, starting in July, there will be a first round of residencies. Several artists / curators are invited to stay at la Dépendance for a week. The basic infrastructure will be adjusted according to the needs and proposals of the visitors througout that period . Participants are:

19 – 29 july          Deirdre O’Leary
14 – 21 august     Lisa Lee Benjamin
27 – 31 august     Dominic Michel
1- 15 september  The Mycological Twist (Anne de Boer and Eloise Bonneviot in cooperation with Leslie Kulesh)
1 – 6 october        Jan Bachmann
8 -28 october       Franziska Glozer

Regular Programm
In 2019 the regular long term  residency programm will take place. Shape and form will be tailored after the experiences of the first summer.

View from La Dépendance on the cooperative du Pont and the village St.Imier.