24 June 2021

La Dépendance Vinyl Collection & Ephemera I on Radio Megahex

3 – 6.6.
La Dépendence is inhabited by a small library that was inaugurated in May 2019.
Each resident can choose 3 books and one LP after their stay that are afterwards included in the growing collection.
Additionally books thought to be of interest for the conceptual development of La Dépendence find entry.
After two years of existence a number of books has come together.
Resident Martina Henzi is inviting for 4 days of open library during her stay dedicated to browsing and reading.

If you want to stay over we kindly ask you to bring camping equipment:
Tent, sleeping bag, camping mat, a towel and whatever you need for your comfort for 3 nights and days.
Food and non alcoholic beverages are provided, however feel free to bring whatever you like.
We are going to improvise the cooking together.

La Dépendance Vinyl Collection & Ephemera II on Radio Megahex

Indice Ultraviolet: Décalage vers le rouge
Apian, Early Labyrinth & Sol Calero, Marie Griesmar, Renaud Loda,
Raphaëlle Mueller, MACACO Press, Francisco Sierra,
Jan van Oordt / La Dépendance
(with contributions by Holly White, Reto Pulfer and Mathis Pfäffli)

at CAN Centre d’art Neuchâtel
Opening: Saturday  26.06. 11–18h

Sunday 27. 6. 17.00

Performance by Reto Pulfer
at La Dépendance; St. Imier